BUYing with zuzana


Buying home can be a long and complicated undertaking, whether you are trying to work out how much you can afford, assessing different neighbourhoods for your lifestyle or deciding between pre-sale and resale. From setting a budget and choosing an area right through to moving in and making your home own and everything in between I will be your guide.


Contact your mortgage specialist to understand and have more realistic idea on how much house and what monthly payment you are comfortable paying and enjoy your lifestyle at the same time

STEP 2:  YOU ARE READY TO GO                  

1.   What price range are you looking for? Define your budget and down payment
2.   Is energy efficiency important?
3.   How long will you live there?
4.   What type of a purchase is this? Relocation, investment, move up?
5.   When do you want to move into a new home?
6.   What is your ideal location, neighbourhood, schools, transit?
7.   What style of a home are you interested in? How many Stories?
8.   Would you like a yard, pool, views, balcony, garage?
9.   Do you have pets?
10.   How many Bedrooms, bathrooms would you like?
11.   What other rooms are important to you? /separate laundry room, home office.
12.   Identify 5 must haves for your home to buy

1.   What do you like about your current home? What rooms? Why?
2.   What don’t you like?
3.   What do you enjoy most doing in your home?
4.   What lifestyle considerations are important to you?
5.   How many people are in your household?


      An offer is a formal, legal agreement to purchase a home and it is legally binding once    accepted by the Seller  

1.    I will conduct detailed CMA/ Comparative market Analysis/ that will help determine the market value of the home
2.   I will prepare offer that protects you, follows your instructions  and explain the details of the offer ensuring you know exactly what you are agreeing to.
3.   I will present and negotiate the offer on your behalf to get you the home you want.

    What Happens next?

1.  The Seller accepts your offer- GREAT!
2.  The Seller may reject your offer –it can happen and I will endavour to find out why.
3.  The Seller may counter your offer, changing the terms and present the offer back to you.
4.  Our negotiation continue to reach agreeable terms or until I know an agreement cannot be reached and its time to walk away.

   The offer has been accepted, whats next?

This usually involves a period of time whereby you can review all of the subjects if any, such as; performing home inspection, surveys, reviewing the title search bank assessments and approval of documents by your lawyer or notary public. I will help you make arrangements to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly before the deadline.


Typically you will have anywhere from 60-90 days to get everything ready for you home. The closing date is when you take ownership of your home. You take possession a day or two after. It is a good idea to get things organized well in advance of the closing date to reduce the stress of move. I will provide you with necessary moving checklist so you do not miss anything

For  a complete step by step guides please refer to buying home in BC: